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Injuries and Business Litigation


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You have been injured it wasn't your fault.  Don't immediately run to Omaha to find an attorney, talk with Jenkins Law first.  We may be able to help or partner with a larger firm with a better percentage fee recovery for you.  Keep business local if you can, we will tell you if the case cannot be handled locally and partner with a more specialized law firm when appropriate.  A large city law firm does not support your local community.  If you need a defense, don't let your insurance company choose the law firm, you have a say, contact Jenkins Law to see if we can work with your insurance company and defend you locally.

When you have done everything you reasonably can to reach an agreement, and the counter party can't or won't come to terms with you on this dispute, the last resort is litigation, when necessary.  Everyone can talk about "suing" someone; however, my experience is that people finally get serious when served with that summons-most disputes settle quickly after the notice to appear in court is delivered.  Litigation is always a last resort, but when you have tried all other avenues, contact Jenkins Law.

Have an employee noncompete or an employment relationship that did not go as planned?  Contact Jenkins Law for help.

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