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Estate Planning and Asset Protection

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Estate Planning and Asset Protection

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You worked hard your entire life, you did things the right way and don't want the government to take your hard work; you want a legacy for your family.

Jenkins Law can help you plan for that legacy and protect your assets from loss and diminishment when the next generation is ready to take over your operation.  The plan should start early, before you have a serious or catastrophic health condition.  Medicaid and Medicare regulations change yearly, tax regulations are complicated and archaic.  You need a planner to guide your family through this process.  If you are a business owner, an estate and succession plan is important too, you must have a plan to extract value from your business when it's time to retire that plan should also work with your estate plan.

Sad fact, most estate plans do not do what the decedent intended.  We offer individual or family consultations and want to work with you to achieve your desired goals and outcomes.  If you need probate or court services related to estates and wills in Burt County or the surrounding areas, we are happy to help with that too.

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Meet your attorney first, someone local that can offer more personalized services is preferred.  Big law firms generally have large corporate clients that call the shots and get the firm's best attention.  You want an attorney that will listen to your unique individual family needs.  You don't need a fancy office or big building, you need someone that will listen and care.

Asset protection is more important than ever, estate and tax planning are part of that, let Jenkins Law ease your mind knowing that your last wishes will be executed as planned.  You are an account number on a screen to large trust department in the city, at Jenkins Law you are a face, a name, a family.  


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